Monday, December 29, 2008

[good sht]

sht; i've heard em all.
i've had sht talked about me
[ i mean whu hasn't]
but today; i was listening
to nicki minaj & gucci - [love em both]
& i was listening to slumber party -changed my status
to ;

L.c CarteR.; welcome to my private party - wen yu feeling [ f r e a k y ] we can have a slumber partyy. pussy is tighter then a choker-got yu smiling like the joker.

i kidd yu not- less then 5 min. later;
-EIGHT new msg.
-SIX new txts.
-THREE chats.

[funny sht]-FOUR of the fcbk msgs. were from niqqas CLEARLY in a relationship.
THREE of the txt; niqqas had a girlfrann.
& the chats; all niqqas - i've NEVER seen nor tlk'd to in my lifee.

so i was ready to see wht WEAK ass game i was about to see.

[no real names will be used ; just for the sake of these females that think there man is soo in love]

John -fcbk niqqa #1 -

John-so baby, when are you coming to see me?

LC-uh, i didn't know i was suppose to come see you.

John-yes, so you can have me looking like the joker.

LC-no response.

Jack txt niqqa #2-

Jack-nice status


Jack-whats up with it?

LC-excatly what it says.

Jack-iight well i'm bout to come over.

LC-don't think your girl would like that.

Jack-i don't think your boyfriend would either.

LC-lol; i'm single now.

Jack-if you lettin me come over, ill be single to.

LC-whatta lie

Jack-if you serious i'm serious.

LC-no response.

-dnt feel like writin' thee rest.

remind yu- these dudes have girlfriends. i wasn't being a hoe & trying to "take their man" . I simply changed my fcbk status. yes, i admit, it was kinda raunchy; but sht- do i look like i care?

its funny how girls say --oh, she a hoe. she's tryna take my man.

about 99.1% of the niqqas that i know; cheat on their "wifee".

& yes; sometimes it is a hoe, that wants your man.

but in my case-not being cocky : niqqas just wnt to fck me. i don't "come-on" to them or anything.

maybe its my boobs (: but either way; due to recent situations; i just wnted to vent about niqqas in relationships. & how girls are so blind sided to cheating.




diplomatikk said...

niggas put sooo much effort in to things they will never conquer.

& how'd you find me on this!?!? lol.

MikeyRock said...

omg. niggas these days, I tell you!
and they wonder why girls act the way they do.
lol. dudes really need to stop tryna holla when they know they have no chance in gettin any play...geez.

LC said...

i have no clue. i was going thru peoples blog & seen yu & i was like damn, she looks like rache. & its yu. lol.