Sunday, December 28, 2008

dead beat!

so this is my love . pjay (:
this is my half brother from my stupid fathers side.
yea i knw; he's a lil hottie.
but it fckn sucks tht my "father" is such a ass; because i never get to see my
bro like i want to. even tho he lives it FLA; it kills meeh tht wen i go dwn there; i wont
be seein' him because my father doesn't know how to behave & act like a father.
ughh ! like a few weeks ago we got into this big thing over fckn MYSPACE about how he isn't a good father & sht; & tell meeh why this niqqa deleted meeh; i sent him this HEART FELT
message & instead of being a man; he didnt even respond. how fckn rude ;
then he has the NERVE to call madre & ask her what my issue was?
my issue-- yur a fckn low life: who doesn't PROVIDE for the children that he HELP produce.
thts my ISSUE !
so yeah; most fathers - [ suck ass ]
--the end.
-lc (: