Saturday, December 27, 2008

the good & the bad

after all of last nite issues ; i thought tht seeing my bf or whatever he is: would be good for us. so he came over & whtnot & the first time he was here; shit was cool. he said I was acting funny; but thts normal. so then he left to go get his hair cut.
then he came back to the house & we were just chilling. sht was cool & then I asked to see his phone ; because I never get to see it. so he gave it to meeh , no hesitation or anything. so I try to look at his address book - sht is locked ; recent calls - sht is also locked ; his pictures - shts ALSO locked ; & txt msgs - of course locked. so I asked if he would unlock them & he says no. so of course, with guys ; they are always hiding something if sht is locked ; so I get pissed;& then I see him unlock the sht & he deletes every txt msg. So I get weven more pissed ; then tht destoyed the whole mood so hinm & his cousin left to go to the mall.

so as he left ; of course we txt'd & he told me that I coulda seen it & he's not hiding anything. so I asked why delete sht if yur not hiding anything & he says ; it makes my phone go slow. niqqa, yu won't even worried about yur fckn fone going slow, until I asked for yu to unlock it. so I said ; I thought yu could come up with somethin better then that & he says okay well yu can see it wen I come back.

so niqqa comes back & I ask for him to unlock it & he doesn't even unlock the sht. all he did was unlock the msgs ` which were previously deleted&only had shit from meeh. ughhh !

- I just dnt know wht to do with this sht anymore. I hate people tht say one thing then end up doin another. It just is pointless...

say wht the fck yu mean ; or dnt say the sht at all. because in the end ; it just leaves meeh pissed the fck off even more.