Thursday, December 25, 2008

in lovee

sooo its been 6 weeks with my bf. & today; like ten minutes ago, I realized that I honestly love him. Like I'm the kinda girl that tries to front about shit, and like say well he cool & shit. Or I might tell the guy I love em & not really mean it, which I'll admit, thas wut I did in the beginning of this relationship, but now... I can honestly say I'm in love. like my bf is truly the best. I know I do some pretty fucked up shit, like really fucked up, like kiss other people, and be in fcbk relationships with other niqqas, but through all my stupid shit, he stands by me. & although he told me before he believed on getting even, he hasn't done anything to get back at me. he's all the things I want in a boyfriend & makes me feel so good about myself & makes me happy. & these otha niqqas that try to "get with me" dnt even come close to where my babee is. okay okay - im done with the lovey dovey shit....

just know im in loveeeee (: