Thursday, December 25, 2008


so, my bf has an issue because he thinks that I'm not getting him anything for christmas; which is NOT TRUE ; I just haven't had the time or the knowing of what the hell to get him. Then he gets mad because I told him I didn't wnt to see him today or tomorrow. I rather see him when I can acutally take a shower and walk a little & look a tad bit more presentable. This is one issue that I see we have in our relationship. Wen sht doesn't go the way that he wnts it to go, the whole mood of our relationship changes for the rest of the day. For example, we were on the phone & I told him that my mother wasn't able to get his stuff bc the mall close at 6 & she didn't get home from wrk until after that. Then the rest of the covo was dead silent. & then he changed his facebook stat; which was clearly about me. But ya know what oh well. He can stay in the pissy mood & I'm not even gonna care bc 1. I had sugery YESTERDAY & I'm n a lot of fckn pain ; so I dnt have time to worry if I'm being a bad girlfriend. Because I know I'm getting him something , so it shouldn't matter wen he gets it. And 2, he should know I'm getting him something & understand that I dnt wnt nobody visiting meeh wen I'm like this.

okay okay- just had to vent .

gon' bck to bed. (: