Sunday, December 28, 2008

broken-hearted grl.

once again.once again.once again.

seven weeks.
countless hours on the phone.
txt msgn till my fingers hurt.
trying to be with a different type of dude.
thinking everything would just be perfect.
not following my gut feeling about everything- before it got too serious.
telling yu I loved yu & acutally having feeling behind it.
opening up my heart once again ; just for it to be ripped apart once again.once again.once again.
being nothin' but honest with even when I knew that it would hurt.
but still; keeping my word to tell yu the truth.
letting yu get in my mind & fill my head with thoughts of yu acutally being different : but endin up to be just the same.
seven weeks.

thas all it took to change meeh back into the mindframe; niqqas aint shit.

usually, I'll tell wht happened ; but there is no need this time, because this time...the story ended.

*single* lc):


MikeyRock said...

awww boo.
we will definitely have a girls night when your leg gets better. (:

tiff.smith said...

i know how it is ; because me and my dude was together for about 7 weeks too [how about that]then everything just went sour and its like wtf. i want him back i know he's no good for me.

but you right niggas aint shit. im convinced.