Tuesday, March 31, 2009


man , one thing I wnt to knw - is why do people constantly LIE ? like, I'm not tryna say I'm the most honest person - but I only lie when I have to . I mean I don't have to - but if its something life or death or a little white lie - I'll tell it . but I [HATE] wen people lie about unnecessary stuff . UGH it really bothers me . esp if you tryna to make your life seem interesting & yu just make up lies just to make yourself seem interesting . I don't like [FAKE] people at all . & making up stories so you life seems entertaining is even more of a nuisance . esp when I find out that [everything] that you've told me was just a [lie] . ewwwww .

I'm a very accepting person . like if yu have no life, I mean I'll exchange some words with ya - but I mean if yu dnt have a life --honestly there is [nothing] to really talk about . no going out, smoking, drinking, parties, or anythinggg :: wht the fckkkk do you do ?

I just wnt to know you - for you . not all the lies .... but it seems like I cnt even get that - but its all good tho - I'm [so over it>.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

toe sucker*

okay so on facebook, in my honesty box a few weeks ago ... i got a message that said , " i wanna suck you toes". then i got a chat message from this guy i recently ++ as a friend... a few minutes into the convo ; this niqqa says, " you have some pretty feet " . so of course i say thanks, & ask did he write in my honesty box & he says yes it was him. so i'm like yo , why do you wnt to suck my toes? & he says because when he seen em - he just had to suck em...so me being me; i'm weirded out over here.

then a few days later - a DIFFERENT niqqa starts commenting some pictures of my feet tellin me how sexy they are. & then snds me messages asking me about em. he had nerve to ask me to make a WHOLE ALBUM of my feet. like THE FCKK? -i swear people are crazy.

& then today - like 15 min ago... i get another honesty box message & it says i wanna suck you toes & i'll pay for you to get em done...--damn niqqa... then he chats me & asks what i'm doing - acting like he didn't just write in my honesty box - then, he asked when i was gon let him suck my toes... & i ask did he just write in my honesty box & he says yes it was him & i ask like what the fck is your problem? like why are you so obbessed with my feet? STRANGEEEE. but aye - i shouldnt turn down a free pedicure.

sike nah - FCK I LOOK LIKE.

i swear people are CRAZY.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


--showing myself LOVE. (:

in love with a stripper.

OMARION GRANDBERRY married to an ex-Magic City stripper with a BI-SEXUAL past.


sht, i didnt even knw this niqqa got married...
& she shouldnt wear whatever shoes' she wearing because she is like a fckn twin tower over his ass.
wussup with everyone tryna get with a stripper.? lett me findd out...

Monday, March 16, 2009


sex sex sex .
the wood - penis - dick

niqqas are fckin hilarious . I swear I'm so sick of hearing about "how good" the dick is . then I get it & its straight [BULLSHIT]* .

check this out ;;

this guy & I had a sexual encounter with, thought that his dick was like the sht . like , I even thought aye, this sht might be kinda good . I mean - his "swag" well his whole demeanor just yells - I gotta big ass dick & ya knw I heard some people say - hell yeah , that sht niceee . so - boom boom boom ; we fucking .

I kid yu not , 2 MINUTES into that shit, this niqqa cums .


smh smh smh ...

then afterwards say some shit like , "ah yu gotta let me do it again, I promise shit like that doesn't ever happen".


niqqa it did happen & yur not ever gonna get another chance to "prove" yurself . now I could go & ruin your "mean dick repuation" ... but I'll wait until some sht pop off to do all that .

all I gotta say is - with niqqa this days ; dnt bragg on ya shit , if its not worth bragging about . its just pointless . some of my girls have had the same issues arise & I mean - its just a waste of time . I'm not tryna say yu need to go around saying yo sht small or wackk , but dnt openly share how amazing it is & in reality - sht is wackkkk as fuckk .


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm feeling broken.
everything is falling apart.
life has taken over so fast,
and there is NOTHING i can do.
outta my control, i can't play this role.
I'm 8teen - not thirty8 ...
i cant play both...be both...try to handle it.
its not me that should worry,
its not me that should continue to call,
just to hear the voicemail.
i shouldn't sacrifice the loves in my life,
because you sacrificed our life for the things you love.
I'm too young to worry, to young to be afraid...
i can't take it anymore...

everything is gone... & i just don't care.
I'm done worrying about what we're going to do.
I'm done making up lies & excuse for you behavior.
I'm done being the responsible one,
I'm done being the one that keeps it from everyone else.
I'm done with it all.

I'm going to live my life & do what i need to do in order to get the things that i want.

-UGH just needed to vent.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009


-An oft-cited survey says that 39 percent of teens have sent similar photos of themselves ... and 15 percent of high-school boys say they disseminate the pics after a breakup.


Monday, March 9, 2009

ughhh oprah to the rescue

"& also, love doens't hurt. I've been saying this to women for years: 'If a man hits you once, he will hit you again.' "

people with [ NO LIFE ]

so i was reading blogs & i came across something that really, BOTHERED me.

its a blog about rihanna & how much hatred that this person fills for her. it compares rihanna & beyonce & says that rihanna keeps trying to be like beyonce. i mean don't get me wrong - i love em both , but if i didn't, i wouldn't fckn do a whole blog about how much i didnt like em. not that your not entitled to your own opinion, but in my defense - who does sht like this?

anyways - check it out for yourself.



who are you ?

on my birthday recieved a text ... 12:09:18 AM

Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!

i didnt have the number stored in my phone - so i thank em & ask who it is. after guessing a few times; i give up & they tell me they will be dropping something off at my door for my bday. so ya know - sht i ask was they tryna like bomb my place or something & they said that despite our differences, they didnt forget my bday...

so i say okayyy.

& at like 6 ish - my mom opens the door & wakes me up & tell me there was something outside for me...

its a bear & card ...

the card reads:

"even though we have differences i still wanted to wish you a happy birthday. congratulations on reaching a succeddful 18 years of life and i hope you have many more. "
signed, that guy or that dude or "da kidd".

i knw your reading this like ... okay ... & the point is whatt??

but like, idntknw. there is a point - i just cnt make it right now; but it was one of the nicest things that he's ever done for me & to be honest , i wouldn't have thought that he woulda done it. playing the jerk is what he's known for in my eyes, but like this side of him make me really wonder, who is he? like ... idk. ugh- it just threw me all off. even tho its was just a bear & a card -- it was special.

i know your gonna read this kidd & i just wnted to let you know that i truly appreciated it.


listening to: tony yayo - so seductive. _ LMAO.

Friday, March 6, 2009

eighteen (:

omgsh - so i'm starting this post at 11:44 -- so i'm technically not EIGHTEEN, but a few minutes won't matter. im glad i made it to EIGHTEEN, i mean i wasn't doubting i would or anything, but like sht, its cool. lol, i mean i'm LEGAL. so i dnt have to get people to buy my blacks anymore. (:

but uhhh, my cpu just got fixed today . which is the reason i haven't had that many new posts. but um , life is life. i still HATE most FAKE FEMALES behavior. but its one of those things that will NEVER change. & ya know it kills me because the same btch tht witnesses another btch being fake, will soon show her "true colors" & turn out to be TWENTY times FAKER. but aye, you live & yu learn, right?

seems those hoes will NEVER learn. but shtttttt, i dont really even give a fck. ima do me & do me good, & gets mine. (:

--&& i think i made a new friend...that will be around for a while ; but i'll be updating more. (:

oh yeah......

im gettin TATTED tomorrow. (:


-- a soon to be LEGAL