Sunday, March 29, 2009

toe sucker*

okay so on facebook, in my honesty box a few weeks ago ... i got a message that said , " i wanna suck you toes". then i got a chat message from this guy i recently ++ as a friend... a few minutes into the convo ; this niqqa says, " you have some pretty feet " . so of course i say thanks, & ask did he write in my honesty box & he says yes it was him. so i'm like yo , why do you wnt to suck my toes? & he says because when he seen em - he just had to suck me being me; i'm weirded out over here.

then a few days later - a DIFFERENT niqqa starts commenting some pictures of my feet tellin me how sexy they are. & then snds me messages asking me about em. he had nerve to ask me to make a WHOLE ALBUM of my feet. like THE FCKK? -i swear people are crazy.

& then today - like 15 min ago... i get another honesty box message & it says i wanna suck you toes & i'll pay for you to get em done...--damn niqqa... then he chats me & asks what i'm doing - acting like he didn't just write in my honesty box - then, he asked when i was gon let him suck my toes... & i ask did he just write in my honesty box & he says yes it was him & i ask like what the fck is your problem? like why are you so obbessed with my feet? STRANGEEEE. but aye - i shouldnt turn down a free pedicure.

sike nah - FCK I LOOK LIKE.

i swear people are CRAZY.


Mikey said...


woooo. niggas these days? lol

you should take the free pedi

Mr. Quick said...

-- no way in fucks name will there be toes near my lips.

tiff.smith said...

haha dudes these days trip me out!! they will say just about anything and wont give a fck.

but i agree, i would take the free pedicure && add a lil more money to the cost lol (: