Wednesday, November 25, 2009


i fucks with nicki minaj . & this shoot is hot .


Sunday, November 22, 2009

follow your heart

lately , if you follow me on twitter , you've witnessed my experience's with relationships & such . you've seen that i have a "friend" that i'm ... complicated with . people always try to offer advice , & i'm thankful for it , but most of the time its , "follow your heart, listen to your heart" . ya know the lovey dovey type shit .

but i hate that "follow your heart" bullshit . honestly , i see my heart as a organ . it has no feeling nor emotion . all that is in your head. you are made to believe that your heart is an actual part of your emotions & that's where you feel pain. to me , its something that keeps you alive . it doesn't declare your feelings, emotions, nothing .

when people tell me to follow my heart, i feel like i'm doing opposite of what i think i should do . i'm going against the logic of my brain & using my heart as the excuse of why i'm making a decision.

my mind is what is telling me that he's no good for me , while my "heart" is waiting him to stay & everything to work out . really meaning , i know that the RIGHT thing to do is just LET GO . & my lonely side is saying, "LC you don't want to be alone, so stick it out & follow your "heart" & put up with the shit.

i don't believe in "following my heart" .

i KNOW what the right thing to do is, but for some reason, i CANNOT bring myself to make the right decision . instead i'm fighting myself to just let this shit slide. what to do what to do ?

shit , i don't even know .
guess i won't do anything until i come to a final conclusion . wish me well thanks.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Victim of Chimp Attack

Charla Nash, 56, was attacked by her friends pet Chimp. She lost her eyes, eye lids, hands , lips, & tongue.

Below the video is the link so you can see her without her vial .

he's back . CRAWL - chris brown

he's backkkk, & i love the new joint.

funny skit

this is funny . i'm going innnnnnn.

Melanie Fiona - "Bang Bang" Music Video

this song is okay, it hasn't grown on me yet.

Tyra has son ugllyyy feet lol.

her ugly ass feet . not a good look .

NEW video - Beyonce FT. Lady GaGa

I like it . Its sexyyy . lol.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009



what to say ?

it was fun while it lasted?

i hate you!

fuck you !

i love you bruh .

idk how i feel today .
i don't know where my feelings stand with him, or how he feels.
he let me go & now i'm where i wanted to be , but i realized that where i want to be isn't comparing to the chemistry i had where i was. confusing , yes !

am i happy ?

- yes.

do i miss him ?

- yes, all the time .

"Damn we used to kick it
Now we disconnected
I thought we was different
But we ain't no exception
Late night texts
Keep us arguing
Used to be running through my mind
Now you're jogging
Now you're just walking
And footsteps lightly
Until they start to fade away
And all I hear is silence
But it ain't here never after no attachment
Used to be amazing
Don't know how that happened
Used to say I love her
And I would really mean it
Now I'm sitting thinking
Trying to comprehend the meaning"

the last thing that we talked about was being at two different places in life right now . i know that was a real reason why our relationship was suffering , but i didn't want to lose you even though that was an issue.
we've had problems since the beginning & we worked through almost all of them, or we didn't discuss em, & we just let em ride. but i think we gotta put our attitudes to the side & TALK about shit . our feelings , everything. at least that's what i want. so even if we don't have a relationship, we still have a healthy friendship.

i'm not really sure how he feels, but this day was special to me . . . & i hope it's still special to him.

-lc carteR.

Monday, November 9, 2009

must taste real good .

I shouldn't address the bullshit, but I want to anyways . lol.

- let me explain something to people.

only about 2 people in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD know my story as of now . those TWO people, have been eye witnesses to the events that make the life the way it is . & those TWO people are the only people that understand my decisions & my personality . so if you aren't those TWO people, you shouldn't have SHIT ELSE TO SAY ABOUT ME . or my LIFE .

people always are focused on the NEGATIVE aspects of my life that they forget, I'm not some non-goal oriented female. i have goals & i know what i need to do to achieve them & i also know that i have to get other stuff together before i begin fulfilling those goal. I've had a shit load of stuff happening since my 9th grade year in high school. & people fail to realize, i NEVER once until this year, expressed my emotions & situation to anyone that wasn't apart of it . i NEVER opened up completely to anyone. i ALWAYS maintained like everything was fine. but now i realize, I'm only tricking myself. shit doesn't get better if you don't address it . that's how change comes along .

so for the people that STILL feel the need to talk about my life, I'll just keep it in my mind, that your upset that your life is so BORING that you had to MAKE UP YOUR WHOLE LIFE to get play in any body's book. at least my life is the TRUTH . I'm a REAL bitch, that is doing REAL shit & is having REAL issues. you just FAKE your life . grow up .

-LC ( :