Monday, November 9, 2009

must taste real good .

I shouldn't address the bullshit, but I want to anyways . lol.

- let me explain something to people.

only about 2 people in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD know my story as of now . those TWO people, have been eye witnesses to the events that make the life the way it is . & those TWO people are the only people that understand my decisions & my personality . so if you aren't those TWO people, you shouldn't have SHIT ELSE TO SAY ABOUT ME . or my LIFE .

people always are focused on the NEGATIVE aspects of my life that they forget, I'm not some non-goal oriented female. i have goals & i know what i need to do to achieve them & i also know that i have to get other stuff together before i begin fulfilling those goal. I've had a shit load of stuff happening since my 9th grade year in high school. & people fail to realize, i NEVER once until this year, expressed my emotions & situation to anyone that wasn't apart of it . i NEVER opened up completely to anyone. i ALWAYS maintained like everything was fine. but now i realize, I'm only tricking myself. shit doesn't get better if you don't address it . that's how change comes along .

so for the people that STILL feel the need to talk about my life, I'll just keep it in my mind, that your upset that your life is so BORING that you had to MAKE UP YOUR WHOLE LIFE to get play in any body's book. at least my life is the TRUTH . I'm a REAL bitch, that is doing REAL shit & is having REAL issues. you just FAKE your life . grow up .

-LC ( :


Anonymous said...

Keep ya head up, L.C.!!!!! You a bad bitch!

LC said...

Thanks Reggie . ( :