Monday, June 22, 2009


somethings that i've done, i'm not that proud of.

some choice i've made, haven't been the best.


people aren't perfect.

& sometimes i think people don't take time to think about the shit they've done.

recently - ive been thinkin' about the people that really bugg the fck outta me & i've realized - there are gonna be people in my life that i can't live without & people that i can't live with. sht, thats life.

you gotta take the good with the bad , no matter what.

i don't regret anything that i've done, but i do wish that i woulda done some shit different. there is no use of dwelling on past events .

& whats funny is people focus on my past like it was there own. when in reality...its mine.

so if i got passed it .. don't you think you should to?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


<-- so this is my new tat... shit kinda hot right... yeah i know i know.

sike, lets not be cocky or anything...but its my favorite tat so far (:
its not done yet tho. i have more to add to it.

& i got another one... it says strength... on my right wrist. nothing bigggg.

but umm anyways, ALOT of muthafuckers have been questioning me for getting this tat.

so ima answer the fucking question -- it has PERSONAL MEANING. meaning - i'm NOT going to tell you. SO don't send me messages asking why...BECAUSE i'm simply NOT going to reply.

on a lighter note - i know that i haven't been updating ; but best believe when i'm done with all this moving & shit... i'll be writing up a storm.

until then...