Wednesday, June 17, 2009


<-- so this is my new tat... shit kinda hot right... yeah i know i know.

sike, lets not be cocky or anything...but its my favorite tat so far (:
its not done yet tho. i have more to add to it.

& i got another one... it says strength... on my right wrist. nothing bigggg.

but umm anyways, ALOT of muthafuckers have been questioning me for getting this tat.

so ima answer the fucking question -- it has PERSONAL MEANING. meaning - i'm NOT going to tell you. SO don't send me messages asking why...BECAUSE i'm simply NOT going to reply.

on a lighter note - i know that i haven't been updating ; but best believe when i'm done with all this moving & shit... i'll be writing up a storm.

until then...


Anonymous said...

ooo i like ur tat..i aint brave enough. to get one like that..

Anonymous said...

Yo! I like that tat.

Miss Carter said...

i actually really like gun tattoos.
i actually wanna get one myself. not that big though.