Monday, June 22, 2009


somethings that i've done, i'm not that proud of.

some choice i've made, haven't been the best.


people aren't perfect.

& sometimes i think people don't take time to think about the shit they've done.

recently - ive been thinkin' about the people that really bugg the fck outta me & i've realized - there are gonna be people in my life that i can't live without & people that i can't live with. sht, thats life.

you gotta take the good with the bad , no matter what.

i don't regret anything that i've done, but i do wish that i woulda done some shit different. there is no use of dwelling on past events .

& whats funny is people focus on my past like it was there own. when in reality...its mine.

so if i got passed it .. don't you think you should to?