Friday, July 24, 2009

instant update !

WOW. i haven't written in a long time due to the lack of Internet access since i've moved into my new place. & my freaking computer is on some BS. but no worries. i'll be back soon enough. as said before, i've moved into my new apartment with my roomy its great & all .. blah blah blah blahh...

but for some reason.. i complained so much about moving outta durham , that when i finally MOVED out...i've been back everyday since i've moved. boy boy boy--talk about some wasted money on filling up my tank... anywho - my reason for coming back EVERY fucking day was a WASTE. like i'm not even gonna address the bullshit ass reason.


i swear if its not one thing its another thing . like last week, i got pulled over in raleigh - on my way to durham for going 73 in the 55. -ITS A BUSINESS HIGHWAY & PEOPLE SPEED ALL THE TIME. but you know my luck.. i was the one that got pulled. & when i got pulled i received not ONE, not TWO, but yes folks THREE fucking tickets.
ticket 1: no inspection & no insurance
ticket 2: driving with revoked license
ticket 3: going 73 in the 55.

the only one that i think i should have got was one for the inspection - because i knew that i was suppose to get my car inspected last month i just forgot /:

-BUT . i had no clue that my l's were taken . so the officer told me to step out of the car & come & sit in his NICE ASS RED CHARGER so i could see why it was revoked. reason being - i didn't pay my last court cost's & i had a failure to appear for my last ticket i received in like MARCH. so he took my freaking license & sent me on my way.

THEN ...

on Wednesday... i was driving in durham.. i was on the west end & it was about 10ish & i was pulling up to a four way stop. i knew that there was a cop that was going to stop before me because i could tell before i approached the stop. so you know .. i'm ridin dirrty & shit .. so i gotdamn.. slowed WAYYYYYY down. so hopefully he wouldn't get behind me & run my tags & shit... so we sat there for a good 2 minutes & i just decided to go because it was more suspicious just sitting there. so sure enough when i pulled out.. this nigga got right behind me & ran my tags. & as soon as i hit the next stop sign i knew he was gonna pull me because he turned right behind me.. so i hurried & tried to make it to the store & get out the car & shit but he pulled up right behind me at the store & turned the lights on. ):

& once again i receive ANOTHER ticket for driving with my license revoked. & i got threaten that my car would be towed next time i got caught because i didn't have insurance or an inspection. so needless to say , that shit ain't being used at all right now.

& yesterday when i tried to move it .. that shit wouldn't even fucking move.

i'm just going to start fresh [hopefully] with a new car, new tags, an inspections & everything.

but ya know other then that... shit it is good with me . i've experienced yet another HEARTBREAK ... but its cool... ima bounce backk like a rubberband ball cause i'm just that btch. (:

oh yeah & i'm working on a mixtape too boyyyy. but until next time... ttys.



R. Alexandra said...

a mixtape ?
put me on it son .

& sorry about your l's n shit . cops be trippin . where do you live in raleighh ?

Jasmine Nicole said...

a fresh start sounds about right.
Lol@ pulling into the store.
I always said If a cop got behind me and I knew my sh*& wasn't straight I would pull into someones driveway or somewhere to escape.