Sunday, November 22, 2009

follow your heart

lately , if you follow me on twitter , you've witnessed my experience's with relationships & such . you've seen that i have a "friend" that i'm ... complicated with . people always try to offer advice , & i'm thankful for it , but most of the time its , "follow your heart, listen to your heart" . ya know the lovey dovey type shit .

but i hate that "follow your heart" bullshit . honestly , i see my heart as a organ . it has no feeling nor emotion . all that is in your head. you are made to believe that your heart is an actual part of your emotions & that's where you feel pain. to me , its something that keeps you alive . it doesn't declare your feelings, emotions, nothing .

when people tell me to follow my heart, i feel like i'm doing opposite of what i think i should do . i'm going against the logic of my brain & using my heart as the excuse of why i'm making a decision.

my mind is what is telling me that he's no good for me , while my "heart" is waiting him to stay & everything to work out . really meaning , i know that the RIGHT thing to do is just LET GO . & my lonely side is saying, "LC you don't want to be alone, so stick it out & follow your "heart" & put up with the shit.

i don't believe in "following my heart" .

i KNOW what the right thing to do is, but for some reason, i CANNOT bring myself to make the right decision . instead i'm fighting myself to just let this shit slide. what to do what to do ?

shit , i don't even know .
guess i won't do anything until i come to a final conclusion . wish me well thanks.


RoByn LaTice said...

i dont believe in "follow your heart either"...Go with the brain, i think it's always the best decision. To be logical over everything else. Wishing you well in whatever you chose tho! :)

LC said...

Thanks girl .
I'm glad i'm not the only one that doesn't believe in the "follow your heart" stuff .

but yeah i totally agree, logic over everything else.