Monday, March 16, 2009


sex sex sex .
the wood - penis - dick

niqqas are fckin hilarious . I swear I'm so sick of hearing about "how good" the dick is . then I get it & its straight [BULLSHIT]* .

check this out ;;

this guy & I had a sexual encounter with, thought that his dick was like the sht . like , I even thought aye, this sht might be kinda good . I mean - his "swag" well his whole demeanor just yells - I gotta big ass dick & ya knw I heard some people say - hell yeah , that sht niceee . so - boom boom boom ; we fucking .

I kid yu not , 2 MINUTES into that shit, this niqqa cums .


smh smh smh ...

then afterwards say some shit like , "ah yu gotta let me do it again, I promise shit like that doesn't ever happen".


niqqa it did happen & yur not ever gonna get another chance to "prove" yurself . now I could go & ruin your "mean dick repuation" ... but I'll wait until some sht pop off to do all that .

all I gotta say is - with niqqa this days ; dnt bragg on ya shit , if its not worth bragging about . its just pointless . some of my girls have had the same issues arise & I mean - its just a waste of time . I'm not tryna say yu need to go around saying yo sht small or wackk , but dnt openly share how amazing it is & in reality - sht is wackkkk as fuckk .



Mr. Quick said... wild..

diplomatikk said...

niggas don't need to brag on the sex, period. it always makes me think the opposite whenever a dude brags on his dick game.

to keep it real, braggers never get the goods when it comes to me - cause hype is just that, HYPE.

anyways - i'm abstinent :)

Anonymous said...

How do we know your sex game is worth anything. Maybe your pussy is wack.

Unbreakable said...

On let me shine some light on this, i never ever talk about my dick i let my dick do the talking.

To be totally honest an non bias, Any man in this world could experience Premature ejaculation.Even man dingo does the man with the biggies dick in the world according to the Guinness world record.

The size of a man dick does not mean sex is going to be good, the man with the smallest or largest dick could experience this.

If he was not talking too much i would say give him another change to prove himself.

Just as how u might find a guy that barely touches you and your panties are we a hell the same happens for some man.

BigD said...

@ diplomatikk-when i brag, i neva even think of it as hurting my chances.

n i agree with unbreakable. that does happen.

its seems like u was better off gettin off by your lonesome.

LC said...

personally - i know my pussy game isn't wack - because 1 ; i've been told it was good & had compliments outta this world.

& i mean ; if you dick is worth anything - last longer then got damn TWO MINUTES.

clg23 said...

"let me do this again, i swear this never happens"

Chanel said...

ahaaa haaha ha. Lame as5. Dont ever, i repeat EVER lie about the penis. Cuz u will get found out and unlike LC, I tell alll the bizness.

Anonymous said...

See, what people (MEN AND WOMEN) tend to not understand is that sex is a lot more complicated than just sticking it in and out until both of you come.

Sex is 90% mental and 10% physical. You have to know everything about the opposite sex's (or same sex's if thats what youre into) body. No offense LC sweetheart, but obviously you dont. Like Unbreakable said, premature ejaculation is more common than people realize. A lot of men dont even know what premature ejaculation is. So much attention is out on "lasting for a long time" that when a man does experience premature ejaculation and he doenst know what it is, and the woman doesnt know what it is, they both think its just him comin to early. Then when women get out and tell stories like this, it makes BOTH parties look naive. He could have been too excited (which he probably was with your fine ass LC) or he could beat off so much that he doesnt have good stamina. A number of things could have been factors in the resulting outcome.

The point to all this is, as I said before, sex is totally mind over matter. Truly great sex is achieved more when your mind is into it not just your privates. The mind is what tells the body what feels good and what doesnt. More importantly, no one should be having sex if they are not properly educated in it. I dont mean like health class and shit like that, I mean things like Karma Sutra and techniques that make sex more pleasurable to the body but more importantly to the MIND.

I suggest that the both of you read some sex guide books to truly understand the deeper realms of what sex is about.

(Also LC, if you dont want to read about it, you can get at me and I'll give you some "hands on" lessons. lol)

Anonymous said...

are you a whore or something? or a sex addict? not a insult just askin'!

LC said...

? - no i'm not a whore - nor a sex addict - if you read the previous sex post - it CLEARLY states that i DON'T have sex that much.