Monday, March 9, 2009

who are you ?

on my birthday recieved a text ... 12:09:18 AM

Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!

i didnt have the number stored in my phone - so i thank em & ask who it is. after guessing a few times; i give up & they tell me they will be dropping something off at my door for my bday. so ya know - sht i ask was they tryna like bomb my place or something & they said that despite our differences, they didnt forget my bday...

so i say okayyy.

& at like 6 ish - my mom opens the door & wakes me up & tell me there was something outside for me...

its a bear & card ...

the card reads:

"even though we have differences i still wanted to wish you a happy birthday. congratulations on reaching a succeddful 18 years of life and i hope you have many more. "
signed, that guy or that dude or "da kidd".

i knw your reading this like ... okay ... & the point is whatt??

but like, idntknw. there is a point - i just cnt make it right now; but it was one of the nicest things that he's ever done for me & to be honest , i wouldn't have thought that he woulda done it. playing the jerk is what he's known for in my eyes, but like this side of him make me really wonder, who is he? like ... idk. ugh- it just threw me all off. even tho its was just a bear & a card -- it was special.

i know your gonna read this kidd & i just wnted to let you know that i truly appreciated it.


listening to: tony yayo - so seductive. _ LMAO.


Anonymous said...

hmmmm ok ok lol

Anonymous said...

that was so cute :)