Sunday, March 22, 2009

in love with a stripper.

OMARION GRANDBERRY married to an ex-Magic City stripper with a BI-SEXUAL past.


sht, i didnt even knw this niqqa got married...
& she shouldnt wear whatever shoes' she wearing because she is like a fckn twin tower over his ass.
wussup with everyone tryna get with a stripper.? lett me findd out...


BigD said...

sum celebs get married if there are gay rumors about them.

Kiwi said...

Kayne wannabe!

What is up with me marrying strippers & bi-sexuals? WTF??

So to get a man to lock me down I need to go p***y pop on a pole while bumping kitties with another chick?

He is gay so maybe thats why they get along...whenever they feel like they need to switch, the both of them are okay with it!