Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm feeling broken.
everything is falling apart.
life has taken over so fast,
and there is NOTHING i can do.
outta my control, i can't play this role.
I'm 8teen - not thirty8 ...
i cant play both...try to handle it.
its not me that should worry,
its not me that should continue to call,
just to hear the voicemail.
i shouldn't sacrifice the loves in my life,
because you sacrificed our life for the things you love.
I'm too young to worry, to young to be afraid...
i can't take it anymore...

everything is gone... & i just don't care.
I'm done worrying about what we're going to do.
I'm done making up lies & excuse for you behavior.
I'm done being the responsible one,
I'm done being the one that keeps it from everyone else.
I'm done with it all.

I'm going to live my life & do what i need to do in order to get the things that i want.

-UGH just needed to vent.