Saturday, December 27, 2008


ugh ; ya knw something I hate-

I [hate] people tht dnt have there own originality. like people tht act as if they dnt have a mind for themselves. someone whu cnt make up at least 5 words to make a complete sentence of there own. there own thoughts or idea. they have to j a c k someone elses. I mean like if I take something ; its usually from an artist & I make it my own by either change the appearence or words or the way in whic its typed ; but some people dnt even do that. & it just bother meeh.

& also people in general bother meeh. I honestly dnt even like tht many people: as is. but dumb ass people just make my hate for people so much worse.

like ; ugh ! I sometimes wish - I could simply re-program certain people ; so there mind would then be legit. bc I swear, most the people walking around dnt have a fckn clue to there purpose is in life.

sht - I know mine tho.
so fckk the rest .



KTR said...

Its not good to hate people because that'll hold you down in the long run...

LC said...

its not that i [hate] em - its just i really don't care for you. unless i know you personally i dnt choose to fuck with you because of the simple fact that - i dnt know your behavior and shit & most people now are fake or don't have there OWN mind - and follow by others examples.