Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2oo8 - thnk god its over

2oo8 was fine - dnt get meeh wrong. I experienced things that changed me as a person & grew up. but honestly ; I'm so ready for 2oo9 - like this is MY YEAR - I'll be LEGAL;senior PROM;graduation;college-finally gettin' away from DURHAM . sht, I'm so excited. like - getting out of durham- will be one of the most important things for me. durham is okay ; but I feel, too many things have happened here that are bad ; tht I need a new location [ Q U E E N CITY] for a new start. New people ; new everything (: (:. & o8 - friend wise. I realized a lot. I realized who my [REAL] friends are & who is just there to be there or waste my time ; or find out information- to just run & open there mouth. & I realized the sht tht happens in the past ; sometime yu cnt just focus on sht tht happened in the past ; sometimes yu gotta let go & forgive & forget & I learned to do that this year & learned that people did that to me & let me bak in there life ; even tho I made BAD decisions from the past & they still accept me.
in o8 ; I think my mom finally realized that I'm growing up & I think she understood that thoughtout this year. We had a good relationship this year unlike the years before which was hard for us. We grew a dtronger connection & I was about to tlk to her about personal stuff tht affected me. Which I loved.
& growing with my mom ; made me realize how much my dad had missed in my life & how he hasn't done any fckn thing for meeh. so this year I finally had the courage to lett'em know. which felt good to do, even tho it left him speechless ; at least I got the sht off my chest.
all in all o8 was a good year.

-but o9 is most def going to be SO much BETTER.

-goodbye o8;hello o9
happy new year.
-lc* (: