Thursday, December 11, 2008

;allow meeh to introduce myself

lc.carter is wht I hear 'em whisperinq. senior/class of 2009. chill type. so over [highschool] && childish drama sht. ready to launch & start something new. time to open new chapters in life. lookinq foward to college, expressinq myself, findinq who I am. beinq by myself, facinq life. seems like im an independent woman, but I have a siqificant other. been toqether [one month] ; miqht be somethinq serious; but sht, we all know how tht qoes. yu live and yu learn not to [expect] much from people: thas how yu end up fool of disappointments. so I'm qoinq with the f l o w of life && takinq it as it comes to meeh.

first bloqq; still wrkinq this sht out.