Saturday, December 27, 2008

late nite fiqhts

so its fckn 6:29 AM - && I cannot go to sleep.

reason ?? - my bf & I just got into a hugh arguement over a video game .

explain - sure why not ..

foreshadowing ; I have a tendency to ALWAYS go to bed really early lately . so wen me & the bf are tlkn & he'll have to like do something quicky like within 5 min. he'll call me back & I'll be knocked out. it really drives him crazy ; but hey I have no control over it.
-fast foward ; so tonight I told my bf, "bae we are gonna stay up late" & he said no je wasn't... but I knew he would. so around 3:00 somethin he told me he was going to call me back in about 15 min. so he could go play a game of tennis on the wii with the family, before he got in bed. so I said okay, he asked me to stay up & I said okay, but if I dnt answer make sure yu call again bc most likely I'll be on the internet on my fone. soooo, idntknw when I txt'd him but I told him to call me & I got no response & it was clearly longer then 15 min. & then, o changed my fcbk status to something sexual & this niqqa commented & said "" & I replied under the status "call meeh". still [NO P H O N E call]; so then my status said pissed the fck off & I finally got a fone call. so of course ; the btch in me came out & took over. he said he called me 15 later, but my fone went to voicemail; so he says he thought I was sleep ; so he said he planned on tryin in another 15 : but he waited more like gotdamn 45. so I was pissed & he said "I'm sorry" but like I was still mad bc I usually go to sleep within about 5 mins. But i fckn stayed up & all I get is a "I'm sorry".

then later into the whole fckn situation ; he says ; if yur going to act like this & make this sht such a big deal: maybe we shouldn't be together. -- really ? I'm like did this niqqa really just say tht shit ? so of course I took the sht to the heart & left his ass on fcbk. sooo yeah, later we txt'd & he said tht he was sorry & such , but still . he just doesn't understand the way tht I feel wen we get into this fckn arguements. ughhh I just dnt get how everythinfg can be so perfect ; then just get so fck'd up.

well peace.