Thursday, December 11, 2008


sooo; on the 11, i had fuckn c o u r t , which wasn't all that {b a d]*.
there was a pretty good judge who was letting people off mad easy & sht, so i thought; i'll be fckn lucky as shit if i go ahead & get it over with. gotdamn we got there at fckn 9 and i didnt get called to the stand til gotdamn 11:15- p i s s e d like shit. get up there; & tell meeh why, my case got fckn CONTINUED again.

then, dec.11, was me & my bae's 1 month, & i ddnt even see him. which, i should be USE TO because i N E V E R, but its okay. i'm trying my best in this relationship.

thas all for now.