Monday, December 22, 2008

soooooo, i dnt think i'm good with this blog sht, because i NEVER have time to get on here & update this shit. but christmas break is FINALLY here. but i have to get fckn surgery tomorrow which is really gonna suck, because i won't be able to do sht else for the rest of break. but oh well, at least i'll be healed. (:

christmas is right around the damn corner & i'm really not feeling it. i still haven't gotten my babees' gifts. & haven't even gotten my btches shit & fam shit. so i'm really slackin' with the holidays. -but oh fckn well.

let's see; the past three weekends, i've been so busy with partying.. i'm not usually much of a partying person, but shit, i've been having the time of my life lately. i realized i'm a senior , might as well live it up with people tht i prolly won't be seeing next year around this time.

my main btch got into unc-g & ecu recently, i'm so proud of her (:
i'm just ready to get to charlotte and exploreeee. hopefully she'll be near me at unc-c.

well thats all for now.

-;lc carter. (: