Saturday, January 17, 2009


sometimes i wish; i didnt catch feelings.i wish i couldn't open up & give people the best of me.its said that- the more you give yourself to someone; the more opportunity your giving them to hurt you.if that is true- no wonder why i'm always hurt.i tend to catch feelings rather quickly. i've tried with all my mite; not to- but my personality allows me too.i end up hurt; alone; and drowing in disappointment.its something i think i need to work on; but i'm not sure i'm how to.when i think that i've found that one person that is right & i think that they are right for me; as soon as i remove my guard; BOOM - i fall flat on my face. they change. everything changes


Mikey said...

I know exactly wht you mean abt falling for someone and catching feelings fast.

it sucks sometimes =/

A.R. said...

cute page & i know exactly how you feel.

precia'10 said...

me being your puzzle piece i knew all of this already but u know we working on that...thats y u have a piece of my heart!!