Tuesday, January 20, 2009


LuLu- going down the steps. (:

Madre & LuLu

so, last night; i couldn't go to sleep at all. i guess i had to much bullsht on my mind; so i tlk'd on the phone & listened to my ipod - then at about 6- madres; "boyfriend" had to go to work; so i looked out the window & was surprised to see SNOW .

sht; if it gonna be cold it might as well snow. - so i'm glad to see it did.

we all went outside like big dummies - it was cold as SHT out there.

but all in all - i love snow days. its just pretty & white. (:


of course when i'm having a OK day compared to the night i had , my best friend called - i ignored the call bc i was chit-chatting with my mom...then i recieved a txt from her & said call her, it was important.

so i return the call & here that ol' girl...wrote a note about me on fcbk. so i read the BULLSHT, & frankly throughout the WHOLE thing - she just ... UGH! - ya knw; i'm not gonna comment on the BULLSHT.

but i'm so over it; i realized- i know who i am, i know what i've done, and i knw im real - so when asked question - i tell the TRUTH. & i know where i stand with him & he know where he stands with me. & at the end of the day - thats all that matters.

im mature - because unlike HER i don't sit her & call her names & let people only get one side of the story. so whatever.

life's back to being GREAT.

&& fyi - my puzzle piece; [yu knw whu yu are] - is the best thing that has happened to be in a LONG ass time. your always there. & the message you sent me today- help me so much & helped me forgive & forget. ily puzzle piece. <3>
signed- lc.carter*


diplomatikk said...

shes an excellent hater. because shes outright with her shit, she ain't even lowkey. keep it up girl! make her write 3 more notes! and sit back & laugh.

LC said...

lol - yes she really is. & the funny thing is - she's making herself look horrible - putting all her shit on blast. but you know me - i'm doing me . & the hoe wrote ANOTHER note. lol. (: im tryna go for three. lol.