Thursday, January 22, 2009


when i see yu; i wish i never met you

when i look in your eyes; i see our history

when i think of love; nothing but your name comes to mind.

when everything is going wrong with him; i think of you .

no matter what i do; i can't get over what we had.

even though you treated me wrong; fckd me over; its you i want; its you i want to be calling me .

baby, its you.

even tho you cheated; & i deserve better- i just cant let go.

i always think , he'll come back around, he'll miss what we had.

it hasn't happened yet...2 yrs && all we do is exchange hellos'.

friends, lovers, - we had it all.

coming out of it ; i left with nothing but faded memories.

how do i let go? how do i get over you?

--its just something that i need to know.


Kimberly Michelle said...

Aww, this is cute. So cute, yet so true =).

toytoyy said...

is every girl going through this?? =/

LC said...

thanks kim

& toy - it really does seem like every girl is going thru it.
& honestly; it sucks & i just want to get over it. lol.

but aye; shit is easier thing then done.