Tuesday, January 13, 2009


"after all of the times that we've tried; i found out we were living a lie ;
&& after all of this love that we made; i found out you dnt love me the same. "

real sht; real tlk.

fact; im still in LOVE with my ex.
-which makes no sense being we broke up [ages] ago.
fact; i see him everyday- & everyday; more of my heart is breaking.
- & i always said that i wouldn't be one of THOSE GIRLS that
let there "man" do them wrong & still be all in LOVE with 'em.
--but ; im that girl.
fact; i haven't been nor felt the same in a relationship; since him & me.
-i feel like i can't open up anymore to anyone else; until i fully LET GO.
it seems like i'll never be able to ; because i can honestly say
-if the niqqa called me right now & said he wanted to be together...
i'd be the happiest girl in the world.
fact; innocent guys get caught up with me & end up broken hearted.
- one, because i can't give my all. two, i can't let my real feeling get involved anymore.
& three, i don't trust ANYONE.
fact; i know i need to let go because we aren't EVER going to get back together; but its so hard.

signed - lc.


Mikey said...

fact; love is too strong to jst let go.

I completely understand where you are coming from.
I hope you can find a way to be able to keep the love for this person, but be able to move on to other relationships and be able to possibly love another who will feel the same way abt you.

I want you happy rissa! (:
and if you need to talk, you know the number.

diplomatikk said...

you don't know that.
you don't know that you all are ever going to get back together. you need to talk to him, find out what he's thinking. about you, the relationship, whether or not its worth another shot. only then will you know if theres no more you & him.

once you know for sure, it will be easier to move on. easier to like & even be in love with someone else.

mr321... said...

hmmmm that guy??? .....mayb the guy wuld like to b with ya but its hard to take u seriously cuz ya always do impulsive shit.....or that guy might not b me .........