Wednesday, January 28, 2009


im going thru something right now; but i can't put it into words; like - UGHHHH ! like i don't UGHHHHh! thats all i can say. i don't see why people just can't tell you shit to your face or wen you txt or over the fone; like i don't see why shit happens like that. like all these FAKE ass muthafuckas surround me & got damn i don't like it. just tell me . TELL ME.

stop writing about me on got damn facebook or your blog. & if you do ; use my name or something.

& dnt try to act one way when your with me -- then totally different when we aren't together. i just don't get it. i'm a very protective person & if something is mine... or was mine... i admit - i'll flip when another btch that i know gets a ya know " taste " of it.

its just me - i can't change it. so whateverrrrrrrr....



toytoyy said...

smh, bitches is stupid.
that's all.

diplomatikk said...

thats all people are these days. its funny to me.

LC said...

yes; i can't stand that shit either. people need to grow some damn balls.