Wednesday, January 28, 2009


precia precia precia.

damn bruh - i swear; i have to go & thanks mr. jones for not moving your seat in Algebra 2. because he always asked ; where will your friends be after this class? - & got damn; one day of skippin is all it took for us to see -- damn thats my twin. not physically - but got damn mentally- we two peas in a pod. (:

your post brought tears to my eyes. not alot of shit can do that now-a-days. its been an exactly year that i've known you & i wish it'd be longer. but i feel you came into my life at the right time & helped me realize who was really a friend & who was just a FAKE ASS BITCH. you helped me realize what a "REAL friend" really is & how they act.

& that day when you told me about your sister; i could tell that it was something that was really important part of you & your life. so i knew when her birthday came around ; it would be really hard on you. but then i thought - in a sense ; she's not here ; but i'm trying my best - to be your big sister. and not only your sister but one of your closest friends. & i meant every word i told you that day. i will stay a true & trustworthy friend to you. & will always be here.

& no matter how far away - shit ain't gon change but my address. i'm always one text or one call away. or a 1 hr. 30 min drive away. yeah it'll be hard for you to lie without me; but hey; it'll all work itself out.

& everyone knows that we are always together & prolly think that your my best friend ; but although that spot it filled - its been filled before & before & before... but the thing about a puzzle piece - only ONE PIECE can properly fit to complete the puzzle. & that one piece will & forever remain you.

& girl i can't wait til you turn 18 because we'll be connected. even tho; we got damn connected at the hip to each other.

& girl - when i go off to college - i sure as hell am gonna miss those omelets. (:

&& one more thingg...

- i fuckin love you puzzle piece.



precia'10 said...

aww u know i love you too!

but ill come up to your dorm anytime to make an omlet for you!

Our friendship really means a lot to me and it always will

KTR said...


LC said...

shut up.