Monday, January 19, 2009


soooo on saturday, january 10, 2oo9-- i felt really good about this "new guy" in my life. as i write this sht ; i'm looking at the post right beside it. its funny as fck how sht just changes within like 10 fckn days.

remind yu: me & this dude have been talkin' for like a month now & sht; but we got kinda serious with the bae & im feelin yu; yu feelin meeh kinda sht bout 2 weeks ago.

remind yu: this niqqa comes to my house & stay for a whilee.

remind yu: he told me that his ex wouldn't get over him.

so I [ALWAYS] think that he lies about everything & all the sweet shit he says ; I feel like its all game - but when we chill - the niqqa is so deep & I can tell by the way he looks me in my eyes ; tht he speaks the truth . but its so hard to get use to hearing the truth & not just lies or game . anywho ; sht is going [great] right now . hope it stays the same . (: --my words .

soooo tonight; we were txtn & i asked; bae- why didnt yu come see me today? & he says - bae you didn't invite me, but can i come over? i reply- of course bae. so i ask; are you going to be here in one hour or wht ?

[[i ask this because last night; he was suppose to be here at like 8-- but this niqqa nvr showed. so at 9:30ish; he calls & he's all like; can i still come over? & i'm like uhhh whtthefck -- NO! & he's like please bae; i have a good reason . i was like NO! & he's like -- what if i bring you some candi & some roses? & i was like yeah sure whatever. & he's like im serious. & i was like yeah sure whatever.

fastfoward-- he shows up at my door with candi & chocolates ; so of course i let him in. ]]

PLAY: so he says he'll be here in 20 min. & i was damn sure surprised when he showed up after 15 min. so he comes in; everything is fine; i had to finish doing my hair, so he just watched TV while i finished. then we pick out a movie to watch & shit.

so were almost done with the movie & i notice he's gettin mad vibrations & sht on his cell ; that he's not responding to.

then 5 min later- i get a message from him on fcbk [facebook]. so i read the shit && it says::
hey larissa...this is *****, ********** girlfriend. could you call me asap? my number is 555-555-555

i re-read that sht like ten fckn times-- then i read it outloud. he looks back & asks- did she just snd that ? & i was like yeah she sent it from your account too. so this dumb sht niqqa turns around & continues to watch the movie. so i figure ima wait til the end of the movie to ya know say something.

the movie is over.
i simply ask him - are you sure that you don't have a gf?
he says i told you i did ; but were on break , well we broke up.
i say with a girl; being on a break; & breaking up are two different things.
& he says yeahh.

then he gets a call & has to leave.

so i call my btch & she tells me that i need to call ol girl.

so i call her & tell me why-- this niqqa got this girl pregant & she tell me that they are on a break , but still talk & tell me why-- im the THIRD girl that he's done this sht with. then she breaks DOWN ; crying & everything. i felt so fckn bad. & i said i was sorry; & she told me - i have no reason to be sorry; bc she knows that he does this- but she's still with him. so its her & his fault for lying. all the shit that came out his mouth were fucking lies.


this btch is pregant & i was worried that she was being crazy & sht. ?

in conclusion -- i'm DONE with this BULLSHIT .

this sht is crazy as fck. i can't believe once again some bullshit has happened.

all i ask for when i'm talkin' to a niqqa is HONESTY & thats all i fail to get from EVERY niqqa i talk to . so ya knw wht;; i'm fckn done. i'm gonna play the fckn GAME just like them .

signed- a VERY fckn PISSED lc.carter


Mikey said...

oh no babe.
this is wht had you upset.

this is some fckin bull.
wht kinds person does tht?
why do boys fail to realize tht wht one thing means to them means something completely differet from a girl.

and why would he mess with other girls hen he know he of the main one pregnant??

l.c. you deserve sooooooooo much better than wht you keep getting. you are too fly and too sweet for lil stupid shut like this. and I don't understand why these niggas keep treating you the way they do.

if it means anything, I think you're pretty awesome an any nigga would be lucky to CLAIM you as their girlfriend. and that's real. <3