Monday, May 4, 2009

REAL shit!

i'm a avid watcher of "Taking the Stage". & this scene - is REAL. i've been reading about how people don't like her attitude & shit - but, shit - she's real as hell. & her personality is fierce as hell.

which is the result for the "break-up". honestly tyler seems to be very confused. but aye, all niggas are confused.


NiKKi said...

I love Taking The Stage! I think Mia would be better for Tyler anyway. Jasmine is just....idk she's weird and they always look so awkward together. Tyler really needs to be single think about all the other girls they don't show on tv!

LC said...

so do i . even though mia pushed her way in the relationship - but she needed to . jasmine is just EW to me. & him & mia look good together.
& the breakup was the best thing because he wasn't fully commited to the relationship anyways.