Wednesday, May 6, 2009

tales from a groupie

"I arrived at her room and she was masturbating while Lil' Wayne played in the background. (IDK what the fuck was up with that) When she noticed, she kind of moaned and spoke at the same time telling me to come eat it.....".
--nicki minaj story.

sooo a few weeks ago, i came across this blog, "Tales From A Groupie". It is basically a blog where people that have had sexual encounters with celebs, share there story. I know its probably a WHOLE bunch of BULLSHIT... but its still interesting to read.

there are stories about; NICKI MINAJ, LIL WAYNE, SHIA LEBOUF, LUDACRIS & DIDDY - a lil bit of everybody.

go ahead -- check it outtttt.


diplomatikk said...

i'mma go be nosey. lol.

LC said...

lmao - i just wonder if any of that shit is real or not.