Wednesday, May 27, 2009


wadduppppp nigga? lol jk.

hi guys ! (:

<--dammnnnnn, look at that btch hair. [i did a good ass job.] ANYWHO , with this new look, i'm loving it. (: a few new changes have came about in the past few days. i don't know how to really explain what's going on . but lets just say shit from the past is becoming apart of my future. i'm not saying too much until i read something. but yea...
omgsh - another thing... i really really really don't like people. this is a [PSA]- talk as much shit about me that you want. it doesn't effect me at all. like, really... you have NOTHING better to do with you LIFE & TIME but sit & converse about me. aye, truthfully- i feel good thats all you do.

& another thing - all these WACK ASS NIGGAS that are messaging me on fcbk - get a fucking life. please. hop off.

& another thinggggg - SEX. ugh. im not having sex anytime soon. SO STOP ASKING ME. & most likey ... the niggas that ever ASK me for SEX will NEVER get it. so just stop while you ahead. DAMN! i've been strong since may 8 & i'm going to continue. (:

& last thing...

-im so FUCKING exciting that i'm moving in june. & i'm glad the place is picked & i have a WONDERFUL roomate [[shout out to my trapholic btch - A.FOX.]]*. i really can't wait.

but um yeah, just a little update. (:



Cat Hill said...

Well U pull tht color off well...this chick I kno tried tht color I think it was brighter tho...she looked a hott mess I called her Koolaid Lol

Kim said...

i like the color. cutee.