Monday, April 6, 2009

[CHEATERS] - revised*

boysss boyssss boysss boysss , boysss I do adoreee .

geesh - guys are crazy . being that I dnt fuck with females - [AT ALL] , I'm mostly with guys . & boy I promise you, I don't even wnt a boyfriend anymore . like, with each one, they all show me different parts of themselves that just makes me so...UGH . lol .

for example , I have a guy friend that has a girlfriend. - boy, she thinks that they are gon be together forever . little does she know - he's a cheater & a liar . & has admitted it to me . which is just sad - because this hoe he wit tryna make the transition to a wifee type .

another guy I knw , is single, but is still madly in love with his ex girlfriendS. he just cnt seem to let them go & see the realness of a female right in front of him .

another guy, has a girlfriend, & just continues to lie about everything . which is just dumb . -because he could just be honest with her, but chooses not to .

another guy, boyy let me tell yu - one day he was chillin with these girls that he picked up & then his girl called & he had to put the girls he picked up in his niqqa car so he can go get his girl & then drop her off & get the girls again . THE FCK?

guys are just on some other sht lately . & yes, I've heard from dude after dude, females do the same sht , which is partly true - but in my opinion - a girl can stop . well I can, if I find the one person that I believe is being faithful to me . [100%] - then I'm done with the game . but it seems like all the guys I chill with, says that one girl fucked them up & they been doing there dirt since . even the couple that I thought would be together for marriage - fell out & another girl was the factor in there relationship . I just see behaviors & man, my man coulda been fckn in the bak of his car . & I mean, I'd never even know it . females are just as bad - but I'm sick of all the games , yu cheat on me , I cheat on yu shit . its dumb . I'm sick of the lies , & the duration of the relationship being on me . I wnt someone that wnts to be with me, just as much as I wnt to be with them . but, from the looks - that sht is all a damn dream ; but aye - its all goody . ima be chiiiillin . (:

signed ;;