Friday, April 3, 2009

friday (:

so its finally friday.

idntknw why i'm happy - i mean it just another weekend. but for some reason i've been needing a weekend all week.

sometimes i feel like i can't escape from life. like everything that i do ; it all reminds me of life. even if i'm gettin lifted... its still thoughts that dont seem to leave my mind. ; sometimes i wish that i could just leave & come back when i'm ready to face it all. but then again i remember that if i leave - there would be no coming back . not tryna be on no crazy shit - but i wish i could just get in my honda & travel far far FAR away & not even come back - start over . do things differently. be a different person. my mind doesnt stop thinking anymore - everyday it is pacing thru thoughts .

lately - i've been hearing different sht about me. isn't that funny? i'm hearing shit about myself. but i SWEAR people have NO LIFE. for example - my school situation. I DID NOT DROP OUT. its called a TRANSFER. i dont even know why i addressed that issue - but its been erking the hell outta me . thats all i'm going to say about that bullsht.

but on another note - im going to try to enjoy my weekend & not worry about the dumb bullshit.




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