Wednesday, February 4, 2009


these last few days have been hell . like - I haven't even wrote a blog because I can even express how I fuckin feel in wrds. like - ugh !
basically my "best friend" - lmao at tht title; anyways - she wants to be "independent". funny thing is ; she says independent like I'm holding her back from sht. which is most def. not even true.

before I state the situation - or how I feel , let's be clear - this is MY BLOG - remind YOURSELF it says "& LC said..." - my thoughts' , opinions, & venting area. so if you get offended - oh muthafucking well !

so honestly in my opinion ; the [whole] situation is so muthafuckn BULLSHIT. honestly ! & wen I tell other people - not random people - but people that know both me & ol girl say its some BULLSHIT. like the whole shit started because of a dinner & me being her "best friend" didn't get invited ; remind you - she get invited everywhere with me & attends when she is invited - no matter the event. & then wen I txt yu , yu dnt respond which basically makes you look guilty as sht , like yu knw your in the wrong . the call the evening of the nxt day & try to carry convo like nthn was wrong . then ask wht I'm doing for the superbowl - & I say something with your friend that you ignore when she tries to chill or do anything with you & somehow you end up comin along. then she says - she talked to me - well said hey when I got in the car - which I NEVER even heard...& not talk to me the rest of the night ; then get pissed cus I write a blog about the sht & I call yu a btch. bein a "bestfriend" yu shoulda known me & that I was gon write about it. ANYWAYS - then say I "screw faced" you at school & call me a btch in the middle of the hall - like you lost your damn mind. THEN - I come to your house to talk to you & find out wht the fckin issue is & you really act like you lost it. THEN got the nerve to call me & tell me that you think we need to talk because its turning into something that it wasn't suppose to turn into ... THE FCK ? I just came to yo gotdamn house to tlk about the sht. THEN today - yu get in my front seat & tell meeh all these excuses. well excuse me - to me everything was a EXCUSE. "going off to college & having a job & my boyfriend & this music thing & tryna get A's in my classes, I'm just tryna to be independent" - THE FCK? I knw wht yu have to do - I was your "friend", I clearly knw all that sht -- & I dnt have nothin to do with that. got damn - I dnt need your rides - I dnt need anything from you - so dnt make it seem like I bother you or anything - because that's def. not the case. sht just real stupid. but aye - I'm done tlkn bout sht; yu dnt wnt to be my friend - but yu dnt wnt beef ?? sorry - but I'm just going to dislike your ass, because still to me - everything is an EXCUSE & FAKE.

once again - this is LC's blog. MY OPINIONS!! so whatever.

you lost one ; not me.



toytoyy said...

wtf does college, her boyfriend, & getting straight a's have ANYTHING to do with your friendshipp?