Saturday, February 14, 2009

-tongue piercing*

soooo ; like four days ago -- I got my tongue pierced . omgshhhhh - talk about painful sht . so like - I only did the sht cus I was pissed with my mom & I knew that she'd be pissed if I did it . but anywho - me & my btch went to dibbs so he could do it cus he did one of our other piercings . so like ; I knew that he didn't have the correct jewelry so we had to get our own. so my friend got her tongue pierced & they used a bar that was bigger then the usual jewelry that would be used . so I kinda knew that this sht wasn't gonna be right .
sooo -- we went & got the jew & went back to the place ; & my girl jess went first . because even tho it was my idea - I was scared as sht . lol . so she went & like he didn't give her no kind of warnin that he was about to stick the big ass needle through he tongue. then she was bleeding like crazyyyyy & then she was done . It was all so quick but oh so painful . gotdamn ; I swear after seeing her sht get done - I wanted to just bounce ; but we pinky promised - so I couldn't break that sht . so we started lookin at her sht & seen tht it wasn't straight . but I told her dnt wrry about it .

so I sat my ass in the chair & lettem' knw tht I was prolly gonna scream or cry . so I told him; he better put my sht straight . so he got damn stuck that needle thru my tongue & I screamed & I yanked my tongue back in my mouth - but that damn clamp was on it ; so it made it hurt even more - finally :: I let go & let him finish - but got damn ; I was in so much pain & there was a lot of fckn blood - EWWW it was gross . my poor tongue was feel horrible.

40 $$ & we bounce.

I get in the car & look in the mirror & it just wasn't right cus my tongue felt like it was about to fall off because the bar was so small . so I called twisted six- cus I knw they knw wht they are doing because they did my industrial & tragus piercings . so I was tryna to explain the problem & they ended up tellin me to just come in & see them - so we headed to twisted six .

wlk up in there & tlk to this lady & basically she said that - he fcked up us . BIG TIME ; so she said that I needed to remove that jewelry because if I didn't ; my tongue would swell up so much on top of the jewelry tht I'd have to have that sht SURGURICLY removed . -- I was bEYOND PiSSED . so then I ask can I but the jewelry that they use & put it in & she says yes & that they'll put it in for me .

so we go upstairs & he takes the sht out & blood is everywhere manee - so he tries to put there jewelry in & hotdamn - moreeeeeeee BLOOD . so he tells me - my best bet is to just let it heal & come back & let them do it because they knw how to do it right . so I'm pissed because I spend like gotdamn 50 ish $$ & didn't get nothing to show for it.

so me being the G that I am - wen I was sittin in my car - me & jess put the bars in twisted six gave us in ourselves . It didn't hurt that much - & it went in with no problem . it felt so much better then the sht tht dibbs did .

but the nxt day gotdamn - I was miserable . so I took that bullsht out & put in a bar that I had in my ear in my tongue & it was clean - so it relieved the pain bc it was bigger . but I still couldn't tlk right nor eat . it still was sooo painful .

so yesterday - that sht had to come out - the pain was still there & I couldn't stand it man . so I'm not sure if ima still get it redone later or not . but its not worth all the pain . I'm just crazy & wnted to do something crazy . so I did it - had it - & hated it .

dibbs fck'd me up tho - its cool tho ; tht sht is gon now . (: & I can tlk & eat like I wnt to . _(:



Mikey said...

omg, that's terrible babe.
that's why I'm afraid to get mine done, cause I think they're gonna mess up. =/

but I'm glad you took it out.
who knows what coulda happened if it was still in.

Cecelia said...


i love all kinds of piercings but i never could bring myself to do the tongue.

kind of ironic that all this happened to you lmaybe you were being punished for trying to spite your mom LOL

toytoyy said...

maybe you were being punished.
lol, but uhmm you already know you fckd up by going to some ol' bootlegged ass place. that's why i'm not sneaking mine. i'mma just let my aunt take me cause majority of pple dnt see blood. i would go back & raise bloody hell for a refund..

& i want an industrial..did it hurt?