Sunday, February 22, 2009


Sometimes I wonder if people can ever fully right there wrongs . sometimes I'm sorry & I forgive you's aren't always good enough . The pain one caused is always a nagging thought that comes across your mind . Until you, let go of the pain . Get rid of the burden . I've thought before that all the pain I've endured - has been forgiven & forgotten - but truth be told ; it hasn't . Every time somethin happens within the same situations - I keep reminiscing on past times - the pain, feelings, & memories replay constantly until somethin else happens - & I lose sight of it .
I thought that once I said - I forgive you & I understand that your sorry - that if yu did the same thing ,it'd be all good - but the truth is ; sht gets 100 times worse . which is horrible . the love that I had for you as a person - is faded , never remainin' - cus I'm done maintainin this life that yu made for us .


lex. said...

this almost brought a tear to my eye.