Monday, February 16, 2009


wednesday was like - ugh ! a horrible day . seriously - I think I have the worst luck EVER !

the story ;;

I just recently got my license back & sht - so ya knw - I was happy as fck to be legal . so it was wednesday & me & my girls didn't have sht else to do, so we was chillin with some dudes . all we was doing was ridin' around smokin & wasting my fckn gas . lol - so these niqqas neva rode with me before & we needed to spice up the boring drive around durham - so my girl said take em on the roller coaster .

huh ? wht roller coater ??
- in hope valley farms - toward like MLK in the townhouse neighbors , there is this hill - like omgsh - its like the funniest sht ever to go on . wen I discovered it ; I went on tht sht like everyday .

anyways; so like weneva I go on that sht - I make sure no families are out or cars are around because I push around 40ish goin down it & its like a hill that goes down & has a dip in it so like the car lifts off the ground - CRAZY sht - but fun as hell .

so I had 5 people including me in my honda so we was packed in that btch & jess said we should go cus they had never been . so I agree & we pick a song & we ride . so coming dwn the hill - I prolly was pushing like 45 & my car lifts off the ground with tht sht . & then I see the cop car . man - I've been on this hill like 30 times before & they has NEVER been a cop anywhere around . I knew that he was gonna pull me over - so I pulled over & he pulled up behind me .

he comes to the window with his hands out & asks what was I thinking . sht - I was like man, I don't knw . he took my license & registration & took forever to come back & give me a citation for reckless driving . man on tht sht - it was my vechical was airborne . ): - that sounds so dangerous .

guess I learned my lesson . ):



Mikey said...

that shit sound fun as hell.
might have to try it?
over by MLK huh? iight

Mr. Quick said...

hahh;; shid you lucky dey aint take dat shid again.