Friday, July 31, 2009

-EMINEM diss track .

oh this nigga went hard on this btch.


I'm looking for a MAN, i repeat , a MAN ... not a boy.

he need these qualities;

-cell phone
-& his own place would be nice, but i won't knock him if he still lives at home.
-good dick. scratch that...GREAT dick.
& knows how to hit it from the back REALLLLL good.
-good personality
-doesn't have a girlfriend.

& for these wack ass, busted ass , stupid ass niggas that send me a messages on facebook talkin' bout they fit the description... READ my qualifications completely because all ya niggas had girlfriends. shiit she must not be doing something right over there ... lol.

Friday, July 24, 2009

instant update !

WOW. i haven't written in a long time due to the lack of Internet access since i've moved into my new place. & my freaking computer is on some BS. but no worries. i'll be back soon enough. as said before, i've moved into my new apartment with my roomy its great & all .. blah blah blah blahh...

but for some reason.. i complained so much about moving outta durham , that when i finally MOVED out...i've been back everyday since i've moved. boy boy boy--talk about some wasted money on filling up my tank... anywho - my reason for coming back EVERY fucking day was a WASTE. like i'm not even gonna address the bullshit ass reason.


i swear if its not one thing its another thing . like last week, i got pulled over in raleigh - on my way to durham for going 73 in the 55. -ITS A BUSINESS HIGHWAY & PEOPLE SPEED ALL THE TIME. but you know my luck.. i was the one that got pulled. & when i got pulled i received not ONE, not TWO, but yes folks THREE fucking tickets.
ticket 1: no inspection & no insurance
ticket 2: driving with revoked license
ticket 3: going 73 in the 55.

the only one that i think i should have got was one for the inspection - because i knew that i was suppose to get my car inspected last month i just forgot /:

-BUT . i had no clue that my l's were taken . so the officer told me to step out of the car & come & sit in his NICE ASS RED CHARGER so i could see why it was revoked. reason being - i didn't pay my last court cost's & i had a failure to appear for my last ticket i received in like MARCH. so he took my freaking license & sent me on my way.

THEN ...

on Wednesday... i was driving in durham.. i was on the west end & it was about 10ish & i was pulling up to a four way stop. i knew that there was a cop that was going to stop before me because i could tell before i approached the stop. so you know .. i'm ridin dirrty & shit .. so i gotdamn.. slowed WAYYYYYY down. so hopefully he wouldn't get behind me & run my tags & shit... so we sat there for a good 2 minutes & i just decided to go because it was more suspicious just sitting there. so sure enough when i pulled out.. this nigga got right behind me & ran my tags. & as soon as i hit the next stop sign i knew he was gonna pull me because he turned right behind me.. so i hurried & tried to make it to the store & get out the car & shit but he pulled up right behind me at the store & turned the lights on. ):

& once again i receive ANOTHER ticket for driving with my license revoked. & i got threaten that my car would be towed next time i got caught because i didn't have insurance or an inspection. so needless to say , that shit ain't being used at all right now.

& yesterday when i tried to move it .. that shit wouldn't even fucking move.

i'm just going to start fresh [hopefully] with a new car, new tags, an inspections & everything.

but ya know other then that... shit it is good with me . i've experienced yet another HEARTBREAK ... but its cool... ima bounce backk like a rubberband ball cause i'm just that btch. (:

oh yeah & i'm working on a mixtape too boyyyy. but until next time... ttys.