Wednesday, October 28, 2009


i wish there was a pill that could make love go away .

everything would be so much better.
i could pop a pill & it will all be over.
like it never existed , never happened, nothing.

then i could forget the times we had fun & the times you made me want to murder you .
the moments we laugh & the times you had me on the verge of tears.
the times we were together & the time i caught you with someone else.

all the pain & emotional thoughts wouldn't exist.
what we had was something i never wanted to forget,
but since things are the way they are, i thinks its the perfect fix.

i would say don't take it personal, but then again,
it is personal , so listen & take it how it is.

i do what you do in reverse of when you do it to me.
so if you don't like it , next time think before you plan to just hurt me again.

[[ random thoughts right now . ]]