Friday, March 6, 2009

eighteen (:

omgsh - so i'm starting this post at 11:44 -- so i'm technically not EIGHTEEN, but a few minutes won't matter. im glad i made it to EIGHTEEN, i mean i wasn't doubting i would or anything, but like sht, its cool. lol, i mean i'm LEGAL. so i dnt have to get people to buy my blacks anymore. (:

but uhhh, my cpu just got fixed today . which is the reason i haven't had that many new posts. but um , life is life. i still HATE most FAKE FEMALES behavior. but its one of those things that will NEVER change. & ya know it kills me because the same btch tht witnesses another btch being fake, will soon show her "true colors" & turn out to be TWENTY times FAKER. but aye, you live & yu learn, right?

seems those hoes will NEVER learn. but shtttttt, i dont really even give a fck. ima do me & do me good, & gets mine. (:

--&& i think i made a new friend...that will be around for a while ; but i'll be updating more. (:

oh yeah......

im gettin TATTED tomorrow. (:


-- a soon to be LEGAL



Cecelia said...

happpppy birthday

LC said...

thankss girl.